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Our goal is to protect your business or home by cleaning, sealing and waterproofing it from the elements of nature.

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Results Guaranteed with a 10-Year Warranty

At All Bright Masonry Cleaning and Waterproofing, we are committed to protect your masonry structure large or small. We have the knowledge and experience backed by the finest cleaning and waterproofing products available to prevent water and the harsh elements of nature from damaging and degrading your building’s masonry exterior.

We clean away unsightly mold, mildew and dirty airborne pollution followed by sealing your building’s exterior and backing it with a 10 year warranty. This insures your structure will stay clean and free from the damaging effects of freeze/thaw cycles.

Call All Bright Masonry Cleaning and Waterproofing for a free evaluation and consultation and allow us to offer you guaranteed results. All Bright can truly make your structure beautiful and bright for years and years to come.

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Cleaning & Mold Removal

Airborne pollution, mold, algae and lichen, all can make your building look dirty and hold water that can further damage the masonry exterior. All Bright Masonry Cleaning and Waterproofing has developed our own exclusive cleaner that will remove years of pollution and mold, algae even lichen quickly and effectively.


At All Bright Masonry Cleaning and Waterproofing what we do is in our name. We take great pride in cleaning and Waterproofing Masonry buildings, homes fences monuments anything made from or covered with brick, block, stone or stucco. The process of Waterproofing your structure is the most important aspect of what we do, because that is what keeps your Masonry All Bright for years and years to come. And we stand behind that promise.



Our Exclusive Cleaner

Remove years of buildup of:

  • Airborne Pollution
  • Mold
  • Algae
  • Lichen and More


Professionally seal and protect any structure made from or covered with:

  • Brick
  • Block
  • Stone
  • or Stucco

Guaranteed Protection

We back our product & service with a 10-year warranty, so you can rest assured your home, pool, fence, monument, or whatever you trust to us will remain beautiful for years to come.


R.I.L.E.M. Test

When you call All Bright one of the first things we do is perform the R.I.L.E.M. Test to scientifically prove whether water is entering your building and how quickly. The R.I.L.E.M. test is a test that was devised in France and is recognized world wide as a standard to measure water intrusion into masonry structures.

Call 254-939-1133 for a free R.I.L.E.M. test on your home or building's Masonry walls or floors.

Improve Drainage

For different reasons water may not be draining away from your structure properly. All Bright has the ability to remove soil that is causing water intrusion at the base of your structure. Replant landscaping we are a full service company providing an envelope around your building to keep water out.

Install Drains

We are experts in installing French drains, Deco drains to whisk water away from your building where needed.

Insure Proper Roof Drainage

This includes flashing, parapet repair, gutters, and the proper amount and sizing of downspouts.


All Bright Masonry Cleaning and Waterproofing offers complete caulking services from roofs to windows to slabs and tilt up buildings seams we do it all.


After years of weathering and freeze-thaw cycles mortar can degrade and chip out often referred to as spalling. All Bright Masonry Cleaning and Waterproofing can remove unsightly crumbling mortar then tuckpoint it back in place. We will replace broken brick or missing stone from your building.



After your masonry structure has been properly cleaned and prepared, the final step to stop water intrusion is to seal (or waterproof) it. Research done over a period of thirty years has proven that R.T.V (Room Temperature Vulcanization) above ground sealer is the finest masonry sealer the market has to offer. R.T.V. Sealer is unaffected by the sun's ultraviolet rays. Wind and rain has virtually no effect because this amazing sealer penetrates deep into the Masonry's substrate and hardens or vulcanizes, eliminating the porosity of the masonry surface and making it impossible for water to penetrate the sealed surface. Once applied, your Masonry surface will have no visible change in appearance-it will simply be beautiful and All Bright for years to come.


Once professionally applied our sealer comes with a Ten Year written manufacturer's warranty for all vertical surfaces and a Five year manufacturer's warranty for all horizontal surfaces.

Call All Bright Masonry Cleaning and Waterproofing today for a free evaluation and consultation. 254-939-1133

We Test for Leaks

Using the international standard R.I.L.E.M. test, we determine if moisture is leaking into your stone or brick surface potentially causing damage.

Correct Drainage

We can repair or install new drains, flashing, gutters, or downspouts to ensure your home or structure has proper drainage.

Repair, Seal & Waterproof

After testing for excessive moisture, correcting any drainage issue, we then repair, clean, seal and waterproof your structure - guaranteed for ten years!

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